Saudi Chevron Phillips SCP

Saudi Chevron Phillips Co. (SCP) is a joint venture limited liability company with share capital of SR 244,000,000 and commercial registration number 2055003839 issued in Al-Jubail on 22/02/1417H corresponding to 8/7/1996. Commercial production commenced in 2000, the plant comprises an integrated process for the manufacture of Benzene and Cyclohexane, with high-octane motor gasoline blend stock as a by-product in the manufacture of Benzene.


SCP utilizes Chevron Philips™ proprietary AROMAX® technology to process 28,000 barrels per day stream of A-187 natural gasoline de-pentanized into benzene used in the production of cyclohexane and motor gasoline. The natural gasoline is supplied by Saudi Aramco and is de-pentanized at Aramcos Juaymah facility.

AROMAX® is particularly well suited for processing natural gasoline because it is more selective with short-chain (C6/C7) paraffins than typical reformers providing significantly higher yields of benzene and hydrogen. This technology makes SCP one of the worlds lowest-cost producers of benzene. Portions of the benzene and hydrogen are further processed into cyclohexane at SCP.

After initial start-up, SCP constructed a pygas hydrotreater to receive and process pyrolysis gasoline, a byproduct of ethylene production, to produce additional quantities of benzene and motor gasoline blend stock.

Products and Applications:


Benzene (C6H6) is a colorless, highly inflammable liquid with a sweet, distinct odour. Benzene is toxic, by inhalation, in contact with skin or if swallowed.

Benzene is a major building block for chemicals. Most of the benzene produced goes into production of styrene, cumene, cyclohexane and other derivatives of benzene.


Cyclohexane (C6H12) is a colorless, inflammable liquid with a sharp odour. It is moderately toxic through inhalation and in contact with skin. Its specifications are stringent, particularly regarding the residual benzene levels. SCP’s product specifications are cyclohexane 99.9%.

About 90% of the world’s cyclohexane supply is used to make nylon intermediates, caprolactam and adipic acid. These intermediates are used to produce nylon 6 and nylon 6.6. Nylon is consumed in a wide variety of end-uses such as carpets, apparel, furnishing, tyre cord, bearings, engineering resins, films and liners. Carpets, fabric and tyre cord account for 80% of the world’s nylon. The other 20% of the world’s nylon is used for making engineering resins, films and liners.

Approximately 10% of the world’s cyclohexane finds its way into various end-uses such as “KA” oil, solvents, catalyst carriers and alcohol purification.

Motor Gasoline:

A complex mixture of relatively volatile hydrocarbons with or without small quantities of additives, blended to form a fuel suitable for use in spark-ignition engines. “Motor Gasoline” includes conventional gasoline; all types of oxygenated gasoline, including gasohol; and reformulated gasoline, but excludes aviation gasoline.

Safety, Security & Environment:

Safety of all personnel working at SCP is the top priority of all employees. SCP Safety program is focused to enable a culture where safety is a part of every employees behavior; every employee is a safety director.

SCPs safety program is directed at all levels of the organization, encouraging and enabling participation of all employees. Being established in 2006, the Management and Employee Safety Committees are comprised of a mix of management and operating staff with cross-membership between the committees to ensure continuity.

Safety competitions are also held on a monthly basis, with the winners recognized at plant town hall meetings.

SCP management is aware that with the influx of new employees corresponding to the start-up and commissioning activities of the JCP Project, increased emphasis and diligence will need to be placed to ensure that S-Chems safety culture is adopted by each and every employee who joins the SCP team.