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The Saudi Industrial Investment Group is proud to be one of the first privately owned petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia. Its main goal is to invest in the petrochemical industry for a better future for the company and its shareholders. This is done by taking advantage of strategic partnerships with leading companies in this field, by making optimal use of the Kingdom’s natural resources, and by exploiting the competitive advantage available to the company.

The Saudi Industrial Investment Group Company was established under Resolution No. 291 of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, dated 29 Jumada II 1416 AH (corresponding to November 23, 1995 AD). It is a Saudi public joint stock company headquartered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with commercial registration No. 1010139946, dated 10 Shaban 1416 AH (corresponding to January 1). 1996 AD, with a capital upon its establishment of (550,000,000) Saudi riyals, divided into (55,000,000) ordinary shares with a nominal value of (10) Saudi riyals per share. The company’s capital has grown through capitalization of profits, priority rights subscriptions, and finally, after the group acquired the National Petrochemical Company (Petrochem), where the company’s capital has now become (754.8) million riyals after the General Assembly of both companies approved the acquisition on April 10—2022 AD.

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