Saudi Industrial Investment Group Announces the Results of the Extra Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (First Meeting), remotely through contemporary technology

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Introduction The Board of Directors of the Saudi Industrial Investment Group is pleased to announce the results of the Extraordinary General Assembly’s Meeting (first meeting), which was held at 10:30 pm on Sunday, 18-9-1444H (corresponding to 9-4-2023G), remotely by means of contemporary technology using Tadawulaty.
City and Location of the General Assembly’s Meeting Through contemporary technology from Mövenpick Hotel and Residences Riyadh using Tadawulaty only.
Date of the General Assembly’s Meeting 2023-04-09 Corresponding to 1444-09-18
Time of the General Assembly’s Meeting 22:30
Percentage of Attending Shareholders 52.12
Names of the Board of Directors’ Members Present at the General Assembly’s Meeting and Names of the Absentees All the following members of the Board of Directors attended:

1. Eng. Khalil Ibrahim Alwatban (Chairman).

2. Mr. Nabil Abdullah Almubarak (Vice-Chairman).

3. Mr. Sulaiman Abdulrahman Algwaiz (Board member).

4. Dr. Abdulrahman Sulaiman Alrajhi (Board member).

5. Mr. Farraj Mansour Abuthenain (Board member).

6. Dr. Saad Saleh Alrwaite (Board member).

7. Mr. Adel Abdulaziz Alquraishi (Board member).

8. Eng. Ziyad Mohammed AlShiha (Board member).

9. Mr. Eyad Abdulrahman AlHusain (Board member).

10. Mr. Fahad Abdulrahman Almaekel (Board member).

Names of the Chairmen of the Committees Present at the General Assembly’s Meeting or Members of such Committees Attending on Their Behalf Committee Chairmen attend:

– Eng. Khalil Ibrahim Alwatban (Executive and Investment Committee Chairman).

– Dr. Saad Saleh Alrwaite (Audit Committee Chairman and Governance Committee Chairman).

– Mr. Farraj Mansour Abuthenain (Nomination and Remuneration Committee Chairman).

Voting Results on the Items of the General Assembly’s Meeting Agenda’s Attached
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