Saudi Industrial Investment Group invites its Shareholders to Attend the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting (First Meeting), remotely through contemporary technology

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Introduction The board of directors of Saudi
Industrial Investment Group (“SIIG”) is pleased to invite SIIG’s shareholders to attend the
Extraordinary General Meeting -First Meeting- (“EGM”) scheduled for 10:30 pm on Sunday, 18-9-1444 H
(corresponding to 9-4-2023G), remotely by means of contemporary technology using Tadawulaty.
City and Location of the General Assembly’s Meeting Through contemporary technology from
Mövenpick Hotel and Residences Riyadh using Tadawulaty only.
URL for the Meeting Location Click here
Date of the General Assembly’s Meeting 2023-04-09 Corresponding to 1444-09-18
Time of the General Assembly’s Meeting 22:30
Attendance Eligibility Each shareholder registered in
SIIG’s shareholders register at the Depository Center (Edaa) as of the end of the trading session
preceding the EGM, shall be entitled to attend the EGM, and as per the rules and regulations.
Quorum for Convening the General Assembly’s Meeting According to Article (35) of SIIG’s
bylaws, the EGM shall be valid if attended by shareholders representing at least 50% of SIIG’s capital.
In case of non-completion of the quorum at this EGM, a second EGM will be held within one hour of the
scheduled time for the first EGM, and the second EGM will be valid if attended by shareholders
representing at least 25% of SIIG’s capital.
General Assembly Meeting Agenda Attached
Proxy Form
E-Vote The shareholders who are registered
on the website of (Tadawulaty) electronic trading services can remotely vote on the items of the EGM
through (electronic voting) service. The remote voting will start at 01:00 am on Wednesday 14-9-1444H
(corresponding to 5-4-2023G) and the voting will end once the EGM conclude. Registration and voting via
Tadawulaty services will be available and free of charge for all shareholders using the following link:
Eligibility for Attendance Registration and Voting The right to attend the EGM ends
upon the start time of the EGM, and the right to vote ends once the counting committee concludes
counting the votes.
Method of Communication For enquires, please contact
Investor Relations at Tel: 0112792522 Ext. 301-202 and or e-mail:
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