SIIG announces the shutdown of its Jubail Chevron Phillips Company project for scheduled turnaround maintenance.

Announcement Detail SIIG announces the shutdown of its units at the Jubail Chevron Phillips Company for scheduled turnaround maintenance and catalyst replacement starting today February 1st 2021 and estimated to last 41 days.The financial impact of this shutdown will appear on the financial results for the first quarter of 2021, and it is difficult to estimate the financial impact of this shutdown at this time, due to the changing prices of sold products.Additionally, the company’s other project Saudi Chevron Phillips Companywill have its turnaround during the fourth quarter of this year and is planned to last 26 days. SIIG will announce once that turnaround starts.Noting that SIIG owns 50% of the Jubail Chevron Phillips Company, and the other 50% is owned by Arabian Chevron Phillips.